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BN1.1.1: The Message of the Gospel of Matthew 馬太福音信息 

講師:Dr. Fung Wing Wo, Benjamin 馮永和博士 

獲哥頓康韋爾神學院(Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) 道學碩士(MDiv)及神學碩士(ThM.),西北大學(North-West University)哲學博士(PhD);曾於哥頓康韋爾神學院教授「新約希臘文起步」及「新約綜覽」等課程;曾在Beverly西人教會Pilgrim Church及波士頓西區華人宣道會擔任牧職,現任香港浸信會神學院新約客座助理教授。 

Course Objectives: This course is a study of historical context, writing methodologies, specific themes and exegetical issues of the Gospel of Matthew. Class sessions will include lectures and class discussions. 

General Goals: 

1. By the end of this course students will be able to understand: 

a. The historical context of the gospel 

b. The difficult issues in the gospel and the different approaches to resolves these issues (synoptic issues will be addressed when time is allowed) 

c. Specific themes and the related exegetical issues 

d. What does the gospel signify and how may we apply it to contemporary situations? 

2. This course will help students turn the messages in the Gospel of Matthew into sermons through lectures, class discussions and assignments. 

3. To help students mature in their character, outlook, conduct, relationships, and involvement in society by the teacher’s model, class dialogue, and prayer. 

日期及時間 : 2022年1月18日- 3月29日(星期二) 7:00pm-10:00pm, 4月4日(星期一) (共十一堂) (停課:2月1日(公假)) (請留意上課時間*)

上課地點 : 高威樓2樓C Hall (高士威道16-22號)  (座位有限,先到先得)  選 Zoom 網上上課 

授課語言 : 廣東話及英語

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旁聽費 : HK$400

截止日期 : 2021年12月28日  (逾期報名者須繳交行政費港幣100元)


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  3. 支票:抬頭 “Tung Fook Bible College Limited”,支票背面寫上姓名及課程編號 “BN1.1.1”,郵寄:同福聖經學院,香港北角英皇道278-288號新時代廣場2樓C3-C4舖。 

同福堂同工於2021年12月28日或之前將獲批之Payment Requisition及Study Allowance表格交往同福聖經學院。 

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